Kids Of Liberty Hub

What is the Kids of Liberty?


If there was ever a time our nation needed a reset, it’s now.  Young people today see history as boring and irrelevant.  In fact, with the passing of each generation, we lose more of our true sense of history...of who we once were as a country.  


By reintroducing the youth of America to their country’s exceptional history, we hope to create a passion for where they came from, and perhaps begin to set new course for this land as they regain pride in their American heritage.
The Kids of Liberty can be a mechanism that creates a spark in the youth of America igniting not only a passion for history, but also a desire to make our country great again.

The Kids of Liberty Hub is an on-line connection point.   It allows kids from all across America who have created their own local Kids of Liberty clubs, to connect with other KOL groups and share things they have done or learned related to United States history.   The hub is a resource point for information, activities and encouragement as they explore and share their knowledge and passion for our country’s history with others.  


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