Profile: Kirsten O’Connor

Gender: Female

Age: 9 years old

Grade: 4th grade

Home: Otter Springs, Minnesota

Attributes: 4’5”, Auburn curly hair, Very thin.  Charming smile.  Hazel eyes.  Freckles lightly sprinkled across her nose and cheeks.  Always the tom-boy.  Her style of dressing is all over the map, which matches her personality.  If you ever see a nine year old skipping down the street wearing a football jersey and jeans under a pink tutu with a princess crown on her head, you probably spotted Kirsten. She is also extremely smart, creative and inescapably curious.  She has ADHD and is diagnosed with a fearless personality syndrome; which makes her sister almost dangerously unafraid of anything, finding adventure in almost everything.  Very intelligent.  Great communicator when she is not rambling.  Great Reader.  Great story teller.  Like her sister, her voice inflection rises to punctuate her point. 

Flaws: Unable to focus at times.  Fearless personality.

Personality: Very kind eyes. Tender and giving heart.  Honest.  Brave.  Very strong character.  Adventurous.  Imaginative. Rambling. Fearless. Determined. Focused only when working on a puzzle or problem of any kind. Extremely curious. Only shows fear for the people she cares about. Compassionate. Innocent. Naïve - excessively trusting. Very Persuasive.  Loves her family.

Likes/Dislikes: Loves Pizza, Spaghetti, fruits & veggies.  She loves anywhere or thing that is exciting and new.  She loves Christian music like Jamie Grace, Matthew West, and Toby Mac.  She also loves The Piano Guys like her sister.  She loves puzzles and games - they help keep her focused.  She hates being bored.  She loves adventure books and loves actual adventures even more.

General: The most important thing in the world to Kirsten is her God, her family and especially her big sister whom she adores.   When Kirsten has not taken her meds or is not engaged in a good TV show or a challenging puzzle, she can be very much like a puppy dog…happy-go-lucky…until she sees a “squirrel”…then off she goes.  This happened often in school until the teacher figured out how to grab her attention with school work that engaged her sharp brain.  Her mind is moving a million miles a second and needs to be challenged.

Notes: Kirsten is the younger of two kids in the O’Connor family.  Raised by conservative parents who always encouraged that she ask questions to better know why she believes what she believes.  She loves Jesus.  She loves adventures so much that she even has an adventure pack filled and ready to grab and go at a moments notice.




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