Profile: Robert “Bob” Bacon

Gender: Male

Age: November 11, 1915. Looks like about 42 years old, is actually closer to 99 years old due to time jump.
Home: Otter Springs, Minnesota

Languages: English, American Sign Language (ASL), Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and a little Mandarin

Attributes: 6’1”.  Blond Hair, slightly graying. Blue eyes. 199 lbs.  Wears black frame reading glasses. History Teacher, Inventor, Physicist, Electronic/Mechanical Engineer, Genius (He has an IQ of 205), Time Traveler

Flaws: Introvert.  Not an athlete.  Sometimes over confident, relying on his sharp mind more than he should. He has a fear of failure.  

Personality: Extremely creative.  Sense of humor kids love

Likes/Dislikes: Loves History.  Loves kids.  Loves his America and the constitution and what it stands for. Loves creating and inventing things.  Loves challenges.  Hates ignorance and liars.

General: Robert Bacon was born in 1915.  At the age of 24 he had many degrees – A masters engineering degree at MIT, a doctorate of physics degree at Dresden University of Technology in Dresden, Germany, and a doctorate of mechanical engineering at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany.

In 1939 he was working for the American OSS (Office of Strategic Services), in conjunction with the British SSB (Secret Service Bureau).  Bacon managed to put himself in a position to get inside the Nazi Special Activities Division development site. His ability to speak fluent German along with his many degrees made him a very desirable candidate for the Third Reich to recruit.  In short he was considered to be an elite thinker on the same level as Albert Einstein, Leonardo DaVinci, Max Born, James Franck, and Ernst Gehrcke.  Some of those men were his peers and some of them even felt Bacon had the potential of surpassing them all.

It was during one of these missions that he discovered a secret project the Nazi's were working on a time traveling device.  He had to act to save his life and prevent the Nazi’s from using this dangerous device, so he engaged the device during a struggle with Weaseldorf who had the intentions of killing Bacon and stealing the time device himself.  This act saved his life but changed it forever as well.  He was thrown into the future, where he decided to make a new life for himself.  He knew that by removing this device from the German hands the OSS and SSB would think he had succeeded and been killed in action.  He also knew a time device could not fall into the hands of the British, Americans, or any other government - the ramifications of such power in the hands of any government would be incalculable.

He found a nice small town in Otter Springs, Minnesota, where he could settle down, perhaps do some teaching, along with working on his inventions.

Robert Bacon is the 7th grade history teacher and neighbor to Kaitlyn and Kirsten.  They discover he is a time traveler from the past (1930’s).  He is an inventor that had a hand in creating a time device.  H He is a cross between Doc Brown from Back to the future and MacGyver.  Having the kids accidentally discover his secret workshop under his garage offers him the opportunity to share history with the kids in a unique way, but it comes with a price as his past catches up to him.

Notes: He is a master of improvisation.  Despite his misgivings about the current state of America Bacon remains the eternal optimist, believing that everyone can change for the better if given the chance and with this change, his beloved country can change back to its foundations. 



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