Profile: Sam Neville

Gender: Male

Age: 12 years old

Grade: 7th grade

Home: Otter Springs, Minnesota

Attributes: 5’0”.  Red straight hair. Blue eyes. Very thin.  Freckles all over his face.  Large round frame glasses.

Flaws: Small.  Feels he needs to act tough to compensate for his size.  Also compensates by randomily vomiting unsolicited trivia.

Personality: Extremely smart.  Off the scale smart.  Has a passion for storing random trivia and facts like a sponge.  He is lacking in confidence when faced in a social situations, but very confident with intellectual challenges.  Kaitlyn has been his friend since Kindergarten, when she stuck up for him while he was being bullied.  Voice is tenor in pitch.  Squeaks once in awhile as his voice is changing.  He is shy unless he is with his long time friend, Kaitlyn.  She makes him feel comfortable.  Otherwise he is only comfortable when giving a report in class or taking tests.

Likes/Dislikes: Loves all foods.  Doesn’t like to be called short.  Though Kaitlyn refers to his size as “Fun-size”.

General: Usually wears jeans with a button down cotton shirt with a front pocket.  Converse tennis shoes.  Baseball cap with USA logo on his hat.  He is part of the accelerated learning honors program.

Notes: Sam Neville is a neighbor and school mate with Kaitlyn.

Smartest kid in school.  He is like a walking encyclopedia.  Often spouts random facts when he is nervous. 


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