Rudolph Weaseldorf: grew up admiring Germany’s most acclaimed archaeologists and made it his mission to become one himself.  He eventually became a professor of archaeology at Humbolt University (Germany) where he met Robert Bacon as a prodigy engineering student.   Weaseldorf hated Bacon from the first meeting. He felt Bacon was given too much acclaim for his unique intellect.  Every conversation ended with Bacon, as opposed to offering attention to himself.  Jealousy was the biggest factor for his initial hatred.

Weaseldorf would often use his position to acquire antiquities, but would rather sell them for his own profit instead of giving them to a museum or selling them for the benefit of the University. He held the position of professor for several years until he became suspect in the funding of a grave robbing expedition in Egypt.   He was fired from his position at Humbolt and blamed Bacon for revealing his illegal and unethical activities.  Though in reality Bacon had nothing to do with this. Weaseldorf became a mercenary to whomever could afford him.  He would use his knowledge and resources to find and acquire whatever he was paid to find.

All his life, Rudolph Weaseldorf had dreamed of finding the fabled lost treasure of the tenth century Viking pirate, Eric Bloodaxe.  Legend told that before he was killed he had accumulated a massive treasure which he had hidden away.

In 1933, Weaseldorf came across religious artifacts, on the black market and took it into his possession. He found a buyer in the Nazis who had recently began scouring the globe for religious and occult relics.  It was this relationship with the Nazis that was broadened in 1939 when the Nazis hired Weaseldorf to head their Special Activities Archeology division.   It was during 1939 that Weaseldorf and Bacon had a run-in when Weaseldorf found that Bacon was forced by the Nazis’ to work in their Special Activities Division, working on a Wonder Weapon.  Turns out they were developing a time device. With Bacons help they achieved their goal, but Bacon escaped with the device to the future, but not before Weaseldorf accidentally hitched a ride to that future.


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